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More than 68% of clients are lost because the services provided and human interaction.


TVR 1 – Telejurnal, Antena 1 – Observator, Ziarul Financiar Live, Travel Mix
Forbes, HotNews, Wall Street, Business Magazin, Capital, Adevarul, Avocat Net, Horeca etc.

The Romanian Consumer, Ignored by the Industry

For the past years, we have made no less than 14 Mystery Shopping Surveys in Romania, in various fields, such as retail, online, banking, medical, pharma, telecom, education, and transports – gas stations or HoReCa, surveys also published in the only field-specific book in Romania, the Mystery Shopper guide. Read more here.

The Online Voice – Mystery Calling Survey

In terms of building trust relationships, in more than half of the cases, the staff at online stores evaluated was not able to calm down their interlocutors, even when the evaluators asked bluntly if the transaction was secure. Moreover, 90% of the operators failed to provide details about the warranty policy for the products recommended and they even gave evasive answers, when the mystery shopping agent wanted information about the returning policy adopted by the company. Read more here.

Survey: Status of the 4 and 5-star hotels at the seaside: no databases, no clear offers and untrained staff at the reception desk

“The hospitality of the Romanian hotels is but a beautiful memory and most of the tourists choose to spend their vacation abroad, where the attention for the customer truly makes the difference. Do we really want to settle for the weekend tourism or are we willing to change something, in the future? To become truly aware that investing in the quality of services and staff is vital not only for the survival of the business, but also for the development of Romanian economy and tourism” stated Cosmina Voichița Mesețan, general manager VBS Business Solutions. Read more here.

What do the Mystery Shopping surveys in the medical sector show? Where are the companies wrong?

To have a successful business, you must make sure that the company employees provide quality services to their customers. Read the conclusions of the three Mystery Shopping surveys made by VBS Business Solutions, which report on the quality level of the medical services in Romania and on how they could be improved. Read morehere.

International Certifications:

  • Member of ESOMAR: European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research; 2009
  • Specialization in Marketing Research: University of Georgia & MRII – Marketing Research Institute International, MRA, ESOMAR; 2008

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