“Mission undercover” – Be a Mystery Shopper!

Team Building (in the city) – 1-day personalized program

With the mystery shopping activity as the starting point, we have created a new team building concept, suggestively called “Mission undercover”, with a positive impact on the customer-oriented approach. This concept effectively entails involving the team in a small mystery shopping survey, in a relaxed environment in most cases, such as: evaluation of a SPA, of a bowling alley etc. and of a restaurant.


  • Focusing on little details, which build excellence in customer relations
  • Active listening, focusing on others
  • Objective evaluation, reducing subjectivity
  • Reality check, identification of strengths and weaknesses, particularly in customer relations
  • Task distribution and fulfilment of objectives
  • Consolidating the team and peer relations
  • Maintaining a relaxed environment, detaching from the current activity.

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Tel. 0725 928 600 & 0754 686.291 / E-mail: evenimente [at] solutiideafaceri.ro

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