Voice of the Customer

Program for the real-time measurement of customer perception,
365 days/year (soft included)

Here are some of the possibilities opened by using this program:

  • Identify and prioritize the needs and wishes of the customers!
  • Evaluate new concepts, ideas and solutions!
  • Identify problems and provide solutions in real time!
  • Analyse the market evolution and the customer perception of the other players on the market, to be one step ahead of the competition!
  • & Build customer loyalty and maximize your company’s profit!

Imagine that the Voice of the Customer is a permanent conversation with your customers!

Embedding the Voice of the Customer boosts the commitment and motivation of your team.

The Voice of the Customer program comprises 4 key steps: Collecting feedback, Analysis, Action, Market research.

The key to create an efficient “Voice of the Customer” program is the permanent collection of information, using several channels (tablet, social media, QR Code printed on the label or calling card, link in the “rate my services” e-mail signature etc.), analysing the data and taking action in due time, in order to improve the processes in your organization, the products and services provided.


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