Continuously educate and motivate your employees

Investing in the continuous improvement of its employees is of paramount importance for a company, which provides exceptional services to its clients, every single time!

The employees who interact with the customers directly do more than bringing in revenue. They are the company image on the market, and if bad publicity results in huge costs caused by losing a customer, the damage caused by losing reputation on account of a poorly provided service can be devastating.

a. Personalized Training Program:

Customer Service Excellence x 3
Excellence in customer relations – face to face
Excellence in customer relations – by phone & e-mail
Management of complaints and difficult customers

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Excellence in Patient Relations
* Extra module: Patient-focused communication
Empathy – let’s listen with our hearts!
Types of patients
Patient satisfaction
Communication with sceptical patients

b. Workshop manageri / BootCamp:

Customer Loyalty Management or “Does the competition know more about your customers than you?”

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c. Team Building:

“Mission undercover” – Be a Mystery Shopper!

Details and infos here.

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