Marketing Research

Sometimes, customer perception may not be real, but it is the market reality and the only path to success is implementing an efficient program for the collection, management of feedback and continuous adjustment of the strategy to the needs and wishes of the most important people in your business: THE CUSTOMERS.

We have the tools for an in-depth analysis of the business, of the market, competition, regarding customer perception.

Marketing studies:

– Net Promoter Score, evaluation of the customer or patient satisfaction chart
– “Lost Sales”, when we wonder why our customers leave us or why they stop buying from us
– Use and skill studies
– Concept and product tests
– Brand management
– Survey of the marketing environment and the competition
– Research regarding the advertising and promotion methods
– Surveys regarding the level of employee happiness and commitment

Research tools and method we recommend:

– The mini focus group, for qualitative research and
– CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing), online questionnaires or questionnaires administered in the sales points, for quantitative research.

In addition, we are also specialized in modern research methods, such as Mystery Shopping or the Voice of the Customer – program for the real-time measurement of your customers’ perception. 365 days/year.

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