„Mystery Shopper” Guide

Discover the secrets of Mystery Shopping!

The “Mystery Shopper” book is dedicated to business people who are aware of the importance of providing exceptional services to the customers, in order to boost market profitability, as well as to the people who want to learn as much as possible about the secrets of Mystery Shopping and to work in this field.

The reality of the Romanian market is still far from the international quality standards, fact also confirmed by the 13 Surveys of Mystery Shopping made in fields such as: retail, online, banking, medical, and dental, pharma, telecom, education, and transports – gas stations or HoReCa, which adds value to the present work.

Category: Business / Guide* Number of pages: 142 * Recommended price: 39 Ron * Publication year: March 2017

I discovered the secrets of Mystery Shopping 12 years ago, while overseas, where the services provided to the customers reach excellence – right there, in the City of Angeles, Los Angeles. I had graduated in the country, from a renowned economics university; however, the marketing research literature of the time mentioned nothing about such a concept. When I returned home, in 2008, I was taken aback by the reality of the market, the lack of interest concerning the customer, displayed by many entrepreneurs and employees. Back then, I had the strong belief that I could change something and that I needed to share some of the experience gained abroad, in order to improve the services and to help the customers realize their full potential.” book author Cosmina Voichița Meseșan, General manager la VBS – Business Solutions

The “Mystery Shopper” book, already at its second edition, is an opportune, necessary book, extremely useful and quite unique in the current Romanian economic landscape. Its success is owed to the way in which an unusual issue regarding the company activities is treated – customer satisfaction evaluation. The “Mystery Shopping” technique can play an important part and have significant impact in our country, as well – leading the constant improvement of quality – in terms of services, in particular” Nicolae George Drăgulănescu, Professor, General Secretary, Romanian Foundation for Quality Promotion

As a Mystery Shopper or undercover customer, I was able to enjoy free meals at the best restaurants in town, purchase items free of charge, all thanks to some light and exciting work, on my spare time. Moreover, I help improve the services that we, the customers, receive.” Angela Lăpuşte – Economist, mother and Mystery Shopper


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