Procedures and Consultancy

Maintain the same standard of service quality, by implementing personalized procedures!

Build personalized customer care procedures, to make sure that you always provide an exceptional service to your customers!

Moreover, these procedures will be essential for the induction training of the new employees and for setting the key performance indicators (KPIs) regarding the quality of the service provided.

We provide consultancy for the implementation of:

  • Customer relations procedures: face to face, by phone or via e-mail
  • Patient relations procedures: for the front office and medical staff – medical and dental clinics

The procedure setting process will start with setting the objectives, together with the company management, as well as determining a “diagnosis” for the service provided, on the basis of a few Mystery Shopping evaluations – for a clear and objective image, followed by brainstorming with the front line employees – to collect specific details and to help them accept the new standards much easier.

For further details, infos or questions, please contact us.